Speaking Engagements
Dr. A’s programs are designed to motivate and inspire groups to reach their full potential both as individuals and as a team. The goal of participating in a workshop is to stay vision and mission-focused but flexible enough better understand the people they are working with and serving. people please in hopes of gaining or appeasing their clients or to those who tend to be aggressive and need to gain skills to better engage with their audience. Fields and positions that involve consumer contact or collaboration within their organization require effective connection-building and communication skills. Relationships, emotional intelligence, and communication skills are the keys to maintaining a positive rapport, a healthy culture, repeat business, high morale, and a strong reputation. Join those who have invited Dr. A to share her work and teach your employees to become people savvy!

This program is perfect for:


  • Middle managers and executives
  • Highly collaborative teams
  • Customer service oriented departments
  • Teams struggling with interpersonal dynamics
  • Organizations with low morale or a delicate corporate culture
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