Helping people pleasers find their power, passion, and presence.

About Dr. A

A born people person and highly credentialed leader, Dr. Allison Agliata is passionate about working with individuals, teams, and organizations to improve their emotional intelligence, strengthen their decision-making, and create a positive, well-balanced professional community.  After beginning her career as a military psychologist in the Air Force and then as an administrator in the field of education, Dr. A was astounded by the number of executives she worked with that lacked the communication, people, and leadership skills needed to maintain a healthy professional environment.  She realized both from the observations of others, and as a recovering people pleaser herself, that many of these issues are a result of people trying too hard to keep everyone happy.  In response, Dr. A has narrowed her focus to working with people pleasers on developing better boundaries, increasing their knowledge of interpersonal skills, and finding a more comfortable way of using assertive communication to get what they want and get things done!

Dr. A uses her wide range of expertise as a licensed psychologist and a board certified executive coach to teach other people pleasers how to find their voice and strength.  Facilitating the transformation from a self-sacrificing, self-doubting individual to an empowered, articulate, decisive, yet warm, kind, and community-oriented leader is deeply rewarding.  In 1998, Dr. A began her teaching and speaking career began with a joint project between the school system and sheriff’s department where she found her passion for working with people to make sound decisions that will put them on a trajectory for greatness.  From a very young age, Dr. A’s goal has been to help others achieve their highest potential and pursue their most meaningful and rewarding path in life.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou.

Keeping this quote in mind, Dr. A has helped her clients gain the skills and confidence to ensure that every interaction they engage in leaves an unforgettable, long-lasting impression of a well-spoken, genuine and authentic individual.  Join those who have invited Dr. A into their lives and organizations to make your mark!


University of Central Florida
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 1997
Masters of Science, Clinical Psychology, 2002
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Clinical Psychology, 2005

United States Air Force
Military Psychologist, 2004-2008

Harvard University
Certification in Advanced Educational Leadership, 2017

The Institute for Life Coaching
Board Certified in Executive Coaching, 2017

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